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Tindle Newspapers: 'Solid as a Rock'

Sir Ray Tindle told a management conference yesterday (Wednesday) that the local and regional press will “come through this downturn and thrive again”.

Speaking at an annual gathering of senior Tindle management at Oxen Hoath, Sir Ray explained that local news continued to be important to communities across the UK.

“I am quite sure the local weekly press has a long and viable life ahead. I am certain of it. The whole local and regional press will come through this downturn and thrive again,” he said.

Explaining the importance of local press, he said: “If your child wins a prize or a scholarship you not only want the paper yourself, you want to know that everyone else in the town or the village reads about it too. The local paper does that and only the local paper does that in detail and with status.”

Sir Ray told managers that despite some newspapers making losses as a result of the recssion, the publisher was “still solid as a rock”.

He advised managers to seek new sources of revenue in their patches, citing the example of the Tindle Basildon centre which had incurred a loss but had made up part of that loss by launching the Chingford Times.  

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