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‘Spin’ Claims as Stoke City Council Looks to Double Investment in Council Newspaper

Stoke-on-Trent City Council is looking at increasing the frequency of its council newspaper and putting all of its statutory notices into the title despite protests from councillors who have branded it as “yet more spin”.

The move from bi-monthly to monthly publication would see the council’s £192,000 annual production and distribution costs for Our City almost double, The Sentinel reported last week.

The council claim that a saving would be made but preliminary figures have been slammed as “inaccurate”.

City Independent councillor Ann James said: “Many people in the city are already disillusioned with the council, and they will see this as yet more spin.

“People will still just put it in the bin without reading it.

“Those who are interested in local news go out and buy The Sentinel.”

Non-Aligned Group spokesman Mick Salih added: “I have some very serious concerns about whether this £147,000 is achievable.

“We have seen these figures in the budget before and they have turned out to be inaccurate.

“I think the council running a newspaper would be a step in the wrong direction and I will not be supporting it.”

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