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Regional Press Structure

Top 20 Regional Press Publishers (circulation)

Top 20 Publishers 1 January 2014

The latest release of the Top 20 shows that total audited weekly circulation is approximately 41 million, and the total number of titles including Daily, Sunday, Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly is 1,111.

The Metro titles are included under the publisher responsible for distribution and local advertising sales.

The list of publishers in the Top 20 is the same as at 1 January 2013, but there have been a few changes to the order with The Midland News Association Ltd moving up to number 7 and Bullivant Media Ltd moving up to number 15.

The Top 20 publishers account for 84% of all titles, and 97% of total audited weekly circulation. As from 1 January 2014 Fortnightly and Monthly titles have been counted in the number of titles, but the circulations have not been included.

As of 1 January 2014 there are 103 local press publishers, including 53 producing just one local titles.

For further details, please contact Steve Brown, Intelligence Manager, or Lynne Anderson, Communications & Marketing Director on 020 7963 7480.

The data is based on total audited weekly circulation of local papers published daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

To obtain a full list of all Local Press Publishers please contact Lucy Carabine on 0207 963 7457.

Breakdown of Titles by Type

Daily & Sunday titles Paid Dailies 87
  Free Dailies 12
  Part Paid/Part Free Dailies 2
  Paid Sundays 11
  Free Sundays 2
Paid Weekly titles   462
Part Paid/Part Free Weekly   122
Free Weekly titles   345
Fortnightly and Monthly Titles   68
Total   1,111

Source: NS database as at 01 January 2014.